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Hello, this is Taryn from Malihini Salon. I want to start by telling you how beyond blessed I am to have lived my dream of Malihini Salon for 7 1/2 years and the privilege to have built the relationships I have with my clients. I love my clients and what I do, but I started finding myself loosing my passion for the art while with all the extras that come with running a bigger business. I miss being one on one with you able to give you my full attention. I also want the ability to be able to do the same for my family. I have chosen to sell the salon. I know this may come as a shock, but I HOPE YOU WILL JOIN ME ON THIS NEXT ADVENTURE! I will be renting a salon suite very close at The Salons @1890 Ranch shopping center. I am excited to get back to quality over quantity, and truly providing the level of service I expect of myself for every single appointment. I hope you will join me on this next adventure!

To contact Kasey& Remma please call (512) 739-5223

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